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With no particular athletic background, this mother of four sons needed a new challenge. The typical gym workout was getting really boring, so she looked into a CrossFit class and was intrigued, although not instantly smitten. She joined-up thinking that the WOD would be a nice supplement to her “real” workouts in the gym. She struggled to catch on to the new lingo (What’s an AMRAP? What does PR mean? Why do we use those bouncy weights?) But the concept of CrossFit soon won her over – this stuff is INTENSE and FUN! She fell in love with the new challenges, constant variety, wonderful supportive classmates (aka fellow sufferers), and coaching! She got into the best shape of her life and got certified to be a Level I CrossFit Trainer. She also holds a CrossFit Kettlebell certification and has attended seminars on Olympic Lifting, Gymnastics Skills, and Nutrition. She continues to educate herself in an attempt to be an effective coach and to eventually take over the world.

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