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Julie started CrossFit in January 2012 as a way to rehab from running injuries. The genius treating her injuries was doing CrossFit and could NOT stop talking about it! At the time, she was bored to tears listening to him go on and on about CrossFit but little did she know that he’d be the precursor to a monumental change in her life. She was dubious as to how a 5-minute workout would help, but she decided to give it a try. After one week she was hooked. One year later, she retired her running shoes and she has been training with burpee box jumps and Kettlebell swings ever since. Julie loves being able to put her energy into something positive and getting results! The physical and mental strength that she has developed in the gym has translated into all other areas of my life. She has a passion for people, fitness, and nutrition that has finally collided with a sport that she is absolutely obsessed with! She received her CrossFit L1 certification in 2013 and her CrossFit L2 certification in 2014. She has also taken and received her CrossFit Gymnastics certification as well as attended and received the USAW Olympic Weightlifting certification. She has coached CrossFit for 4 years prior to coming over to CrossFit Katy. Modeling a healthy positive lifestyle for her children and for her community is very important to Julie. She is a God-loving wife to Aaron and mother to Jack (17), Logan (14), Madeleine (12), and Abigail (8). She enjoys coaching, personal training, and helping others achieve their personal fitness & nutrition goals!

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