Adam Heiman

The owner of my current gym at the time pointed me to the CrossFit main site after seeing my unorthodox training routines.
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Adam Heiman



Katy, TX




Mechanical Designer

When did you first start CrossFitting?

August 2010

When did you first start training at CrossFit Katy?

August 2010 (first and only place I went to).

What class do you generally attend (morning/afternoon)?

Afternoon… I don’t know how you morning wodders do it!

Favorite WOD:

Anything with squats (any type) and pull ups… or super heavy squat cleans

Least Favorite WOD:

Heavy deadlifts.  I’m awful at them.

Tell us about you sports & fitness background:

I grew up playing baseball all my life and through my senior year of high school. I ended up quitting and giving football a try my junior and senior year. I didn’t do much other than Globo-gym style weights until after college. I became a certified personal trainer at one of these gyms and started to develop a love for a less mainstream style of training.

How did you first get exposed to CrossFit?  Take us back to your first WOD… what was it, and how did it feel?

The owner of my current gym at the time pointed me to the CrossFit main site after seeing my unorthodox training routines. So I looked up the main site and started playing with kipping pull ups among other things. I eventually found CrossFit Katy and dropped in for my first class. I loved it right away, but I tried to figure out how to juggle it with the regular gym membership. After a couple of weeks, I tried “Fran” in a regular gym… after all the looks, I decided it was time to go all in, and the rest is history.

What sort of changes have you seen in your body, health and fitness since starting CF (before/after)?

Well I would like to think I was in pretty good shape before CF. I was a personal trainer who actually worked on my legs and didn’t neglect cardio. I also ate very clean (probably too clean for the amount of calories that competitive CrossFit demands) That being said, CF took my overall fitness above and beyond what I thought it could be and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

What sort of changes in your life have you experienced out of taking on something like CrossFit that were totally unexpected?

The biggest thing I’ve noticed is mental toughness. CF forces you to tell your mind to shut up and just do something, and I feel this can be applied to many things in life.

Name one goal you have reached since joining CFK and one goal you want to achieve (example:  deadlift/squat/press ­­­___ pounds; do a pullup; do a WOD RX’d, etc.):

Goal reached: Cleaned 315#

Goal still to achieve: Deadlift 500#

Please share with us any favorite CrossFit / CFK moments:

By far one of the best CFK moments was regionals this year… The KATY chant!

Any advice for people just getting started?

Easier said than done, but don’t be intimidated.  You will have lots of people around to support you!

What are your hobbies, interests and/or talents outside of CrossFit?

BBQing and Eating

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