Sally Ratcliff

I thought I was in shape before starting CF but now I laugh at what I thought the definition of being fit was.
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Name: Sally Ratcliff


Hometown: Fulshear, TX
Age: 27
Occupation: IT Project Manager

When did you first start CrossFitting? July 2013

When did you first start training at CrossFit Katy? July 2013

What class do you generally attend (morning/afternoon)? 5:30PM

Favorite WOD: Any WOD with hang cleans, HSPU, running, or pistols!

Least Favorite WOD: Any WOD with double unders, thrusters or rowing! Especially Open workout 15.5.

Tell us about you sports & fitness background:
I played softball and tennis throughout high school and I also competed in horse competitions growing up. In college, I heavily got into running and ran half marathons as a way to stay in shape. When, I graduated college I continued to run but I slowly became very bored with it. I started attending a lot of group classes (Body Pump, Zumba, etc.) at 24 Hour Fitness but quickly got sick of the same routines.

How did you first get exposed to CrossFit? Take us back to your first WOD… what was it, and how did it feel?
I kept seeing a friend on Facebook post about Crossfit and I was sick of running so I decided to give it a shot. I will tell you I thought I was in somewhat shape and that Crossfit wouldn’t be that difficult. I don’t remember the exact WOD but it was an AMRAP (I think 15-20 minutes) that included KB swings and wallballs. I remember at the half way mark, I must have looked like I was dying because Mike came over and told me I could stop and be done for the day. I remember thinking that I was in good shape and of course I could finish the entire AMRAP so I continued to die for the full time. That’s when I knew I was hooked, even though the next day I could barely walk.

What sort of changes have you seen in your body, health and fitness since starting CF (before/after)?
I thought I was in shape before starting CF but now I laugh at what I thought the definition of being fit was. I am in the best shape of my life and I even have abs! My overall health mentality has also changed since starting CF. I now see a nutritionist not only to help with my diet but also to help my performance in CF. I use to think being skinny was the goal but now I tell my nutritionist I want to gain weight…..gain muscle to be exact! Crossfit has also shown me that’s it’s not about dieting or doing this for a few months, it’s an overall lifestyle.

What sort of changes in your life have you experienced out of taking on something like CrossFit that were totally unexpected?
I would have to say gaining mental strength and learning to push myself again stemmed from starting CF. I have the coaches to thank for this because every day I’m pushed to do something I probably either don’t think I can do or wouldn’t do. It takes me back to playing sports and brings out my competitiveness.
I also have to say the community at Crossfit Katy was something I never expected. I look forward to going to the gym every day and spending free time with friends from the gym. Never would have imagined working out could be so much more than just the hour a day you spend at the gym.

Name one goal you have reached since joining CFK and one goal you want to achieve (example: deadlift/squat/press ¬¬¬___ pounds; do a pullup; do a WOD RX’d, etc.):
Goals I have reached:
So many to count…I would probably say being able to do double unders in WODs (even though I’m still the WORST at double unders), 200#+Back Squat, C2B for the first time in the 2015 Open

Goals I want to achieve:
Bar muscle up, handstand walk the gym, 200#+ Front Squat, butterfly pullups, the list goes on….

Please share with us any favorite CrossFit / CFK moments:
I have so many! I would probably say watching the team at regionals when they made it to the games is my favorite. Just to see all the hard work and excitement was amazing. But I also have made so many great friendships and there are countless memories from social events, every day classes, and competitions that I have CFK to thank for.

Any advice for people just getting started?
Keep going back. It’s very intimidating at first. It took two weeks of constantly forcing myself to go back…now they can’t get rid of me! 😉

What are your hobbies, interests and/or talents outside of CrossFit?
I love riding my horse when I have the time. I also enjoy traveling and I’m a huge football/sports fan. GO TEXANS!

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